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Minimalist continuous development
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A no muss, no fuss continuous integration software



  • No muss, no fuss deployment. nodejs is the only dependency.
  • Realtime build status and colored runner output
  • Simple, straightforward configuration. Just add a Hawkfile to your repository and push to GitHub.


  • Create a new app at
  • Clone this repository and deploy it to firebase:

    npm install -g firebase-tools
    git clone
    cd hawkins
    firebase init
    firebase deploy
  • Access the app at

Worker Installation

  • Go to your GitHub repository settings and add a push-only webhook pointing to
  • Install the worker on as many machines as needed:

    sudo npm install -g coffee-script forever
    git clone
    cd hawkins-worker
    npm install
  • Edit script/runner to fit your needs. By default it clones, caches and runs Hawkfile on your repository.

  • Start the worker with:

    forever start -c coffee --firebase

  • Add a Hawkfile with your app-specific test/build/deploy logic. To use whatever language you prefer just prepend a shebang.

  • Push your repository
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