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- added changelog for v1.0.0 (whoops)
- use pango/cairo as drawing backend
- make use of pangos ability to parse markup
- support for actions via context menu
- indicator for actions/urls found
- use blocking I/O. No more waking up the CPU multiple times per second to check for new dbus messages
- new default dunstrc
- frames for window
- trigger scripts on matching notifications
- context menu for urls (using dmenu)
- pause and resume function
- use own code for ini parsing (this removes inih)
- progress hints
- separator between notifications
- word wrap long lines
- real transparance
- bouncing text (alternative to word_wrap)
- new option for line height
- better multihead support
- don't die when keybindings can't be grabbed
- bugfix: forgetting geometry
- (optional) static configuration
- fix -mon option
- full support for Desktop Notification Specification (mandatory parts)
- option to select monitor on which notifications are shown
- follow focus
- oneline mode
- text alignment
- show age of notifications
- sticky history
- filter duplicate messages
- keybinding to close all notifications
- new way to specify keybindings
- cleanup / bugfixes etc.
- added dunst.service
- introduction of dunstrc
- removed static configuration via config.h
- don't timeout when user is idle
- xft-support
- history (a.k.a. redisplay old notifications)