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/* copyright 2013 Sascha Kruse and contributors (see LICENSE for licensing information) */
#pragma once
#include <glib.h>
#include "dunst.h"
#include "notification.h"
typedef struct _rule_t {
char *name;
/* filters */
char *appname;
char *summary;
char *body;
char *icon;
char *category;
int msg_urgency;
/* actions */
int timeout;
int urgency;
int allow_markup;
int plain_text;
char *new_icon;
char *fg;
char *bg;
const char *format;
const char *script;
} rule_t;
extern GSList *rules;
void rule_init(rule_t * r);
void rule_apply(rule_t * r, notification * n);
void rule_apply_all(notification * n);
bool rule_matches_notification(rule_t * r, notification * n);
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