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This is something that twmn does that I actually like. It's not a common thing for me to have icons in my notifications (for the most part I don't have any) but in the cases that I do, the icons are what make it.

I'm really digging dunst and will probably use it over twmn (stacking notifications, cool! Nice, easy config? GREAT!), and if this doesn't make it in it's not really a game changer but definitely something I think a lot of people would want.


I'm glad you like dunst, but this is very unlikely to happen. If you want a visual clue on certain types of notifications, you can override the color of those notifications with rules in the dunstrc.

1) I don't see a way to fit the icons to the visual style.
2) (without having really looked into this) the added benefit of icons is probably not worth the additional complexity in terms of code and dependencies.

But I'll leave this issue open for now, so that other people can comment on this.




+1 Really needed to visually distinguish notifications from different applications between each other.


@theVDude Hey, not trying to push the issue as I been happy by just customizing the background colors of my notifications. That said, I came across a small public domain library for loading images the other day and I'm not sure if it would help.


I don't require fancy icons, but it would be nice if we could assign an icon from a symbol font or a simply black/white pixmap to an icon name and display it instead.


Definitely xbm icons will fit dunst's visual style, is there any chance that this feature will be introduced in near future. ?


The developement on dunst is currently pretty much standing still, because I don't have the time to work on it anymore. So I won't implement it myself within the near future, but I'm willing to accept push-request
introducing this feature, as long as it's possible to turn icons off.

@Gjum Gjum referenced this issue Feb 25, 2014

Add icon support #140




If you are interested in icon support, I am working on that.

You can check it out by building dunst from source:
1. Enable icons in your dunstrc:

+    # Align icons left/right/off.
+    icon_position = left
+    # Paths to default icons. Make sure these exist on your system.
+    icon_folders = /usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/status/:/usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/devices/

2. Run the following commands to rebuild from source and reconfigure dunst:

git clone
cd dunst
git checkout feature-icon
sudo make install
killall dunst

3. Try if it works: notify-send "some text" -i /path/to/your/icon.png

Make sure to send me your feedback!


I'll close this issue, since there is basic icon support and there are new issues to keep track of icon development.

@knopwob knopwob closed this Mar 10, 2014
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