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Add a -dock option to mark as panel/dock application #68

hanschen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hans Chen Amadeus Folego
Hans Chen

dzen has a nice -dock option that "sets some EWM (Extended Window Manager) hints that mark dzen as a panel/dock application". This is nice if you e.g. don't want compton to draw a shadow on the notifications.

You can see how dzen does it here:

Amadeus Folego

I've been investigating this issue and it doesn't looks like it would be semantically acceptable to mark it as a dock.


It makes sense to configure this on compton itself or perhaps changing compton's default behaviour not to apply shadows when the window type is a _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_NOTIFICATION, as dunst windows are.

You can use the shadow-exclude = [ "n:e:Notification" ]; configuration on .config/compton.conf, or if you really need fine-grained configuration use the name of the window using #167 `s branch.

We could perhaps mark this as closed. /cc @knopwob

Hans Chen

Sorry about the late response. I'm happy with that solution, so I'm closing this issue.

Hans Chen hanschen closed this
Amadeus Folego

@hanschen You should be able to use #167 on master now that it was merged.

Hans Chen

Thanks for working on #167 @badosu, that was one of the things I missed from dunst.

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