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lightweight and customizable notification daemon

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dunst - dmenu-ish notification daemon

dunst [-geometry geom] [-fn font] [-nf/nb/lf/lb/cf/cb color] [-to/nto/lto/cto secs] [-format fmt] [-key key] [-mod mod] [-mon n] [-v]

Dunst is a highly configurable and lightweight notification daemon.

display help message.

defines the font or font set used.

defines the background color of low/normal/critical messages.

defines the foreground color of low/normal/critical messages.

defines the default timeout. Can be (partially) overridden by the following options.

timeouts for low/normal/critical messages.

remove notification by pressing key.

remove all notifications by pressing key.

redisplay last notification by pressing key.

defines the format of the message. See FORMAT.

show the notification on monitor n.

display notifications on focused monitor. Possible options are "mouse" to follow the mouse cursor, "keyboard" to follow the window with the keyboard focus and "none" to disable focus following. "mouse" and "keyboard" overwrite the -mon option.

sort messages by urgency.

don't sort messages by urgency.

The geometry of the message window. The height is measured in lines everything else in pixels. If the width is omitted but the height is given ("-geometry x2"), the message window expands over the whole screen (dmenu-like). If width is 0, the window expands to the longest message displayed. A positive x is measured from the left, a negative from the right side of the screen. Y is measured from the top and down respectevly. see also EXAMPLES show the notification on monitor n.

The height of a single line in pixel. If the height is smaller than the font height, it will get raised to the font height.

Print notifications to stdout. This might be useful for logging, setting up rules or using the output in other scripts.

print version information.

use alternative config file.

fmt is a string containing placeholders. The placeholders will be replaced with the corresponding text, or if the text is not present, nothing. Possible placeholders are:

Every option that needs a color as argument accepts #RGB, #RRGGBB and X color names.

dunst is able to get different colors for a message via notify-send. In order to do that you have to add a hint via the -h option.

An example configuration file is included (usually /usr/share/dunst/dunstrc). To change the configuration, copy this file to ~/.config/dunst/dunstrc and edit it accordingly.

written by Sascha Kruse <>

copyright 2012 Sascha Kruse and contributors (see LICENSE for licensing information)

If you feel that copyrights are violated, please send me an email.

dwm(1), dmenu(1), twmn(1), notify-send(1)

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