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Python 3 module to inspect btrfs filesystems.

License: GPLv2.

Btrfs is a copy on write (COW) filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features while focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration.

Project Goal

Currently, the primary goal of this module is to be able to inspect the internals of an existing filesystem for educational purposes.

A second goal is to provide a nicer way for automating administration tasks and writing monitoring scripts by being able to just programmatically access the needed information, instead of having to spend most of the time on parsing human readable output from other btrfs tools.

The python module acts as a wrapper around the low level kernel calls and btrfs data structures, presenting them as python objects with interesting attributes and references to other objects.

Development progress

The module currently gained a quite good coverage of the kernel API and metadata structures to be useful for many introspection tasks. Documentation in tutorial form is still lacking, but the git commit history has a wealth of documentation on all parts of the code.