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Pie Timing Plugin for jQuery
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Pietimer injects a canvas element into the page which has an ever reducing pie shaped timer. Once the timer is complete a callback function is performed.

Checkout for a demo


The pietimer canvas element will be injected into the specified element.

$('#element').pietimer(); // Will place pietimer inside #element

At any point you can pause it. $('#element').pietimer('pause');

And restart it. $('#element').pietimer('start');

And when stopped you can start it again!

Don't forget to pass some options and a callback!


	seconds: 5,
	color: 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8)',
	height: 40,
	width: 40

height and width will be inherited from the parent element and so are optional.

color will accept any value that the canvas element accepts including hex values like #ffffff

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