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@my-tien my-tien released this 27 Oct 22:00
· 936 commits to master since this release

New Features:


  • Mesh slice in orthogonal viewports. Previously the mesh was only visible in the 3D view.
  • Mesh transparency can be adjusted.
  • Skeleton and Segmentation table entries are now copyable to clipboard.
  • Skeleton nodes table: A new context menu entry lets you select all trees that contain selected nodes.
  • Segmentation: Rendering of borders of segmentation objects can be toggled off now.


  • Settings per annotation file: Just add a settings.ini to your
  • Beginning with this version, settings are maintained and compatible between different versions.


  • Support for new NeuroData Store url naming scheme (previous scheme still works): /ocp/ca/ ↦ /nd/sd
  • We added a new default dataset


  • Cheatsheet: An informative side panel with an overview of the active work mode including shortcuts and links to related settings.
  • Snapshot preview: Let’s you copy to clipboard, no need to save to file.
  • There’s now a progress bar indicating network activity.

Bug Fixes:

  • Merging trees now correctly merges their meshes, too.
  • The display of translucent meshes has been improved.
  • Segmentation bucket fill: Buggy behavior at vp and movement boundaries have been fixed. Performance of the bucket fill has been improved.
  • Some issues when filtering in the annotation tables have also been fixed.

Launching an AppImage

Add the executable flag to it first, e.g. with

chmod +x linux.KNOSSOS.nightly-xxxxxxxx.AppImage

or open the file’s properties by right-clicking on it in your file browser.