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Get stdout window width, with four fallbacks, tty, output.columns, a custom environment variable and then a default.

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npm install --save cli-width
'use strict';

var cliWidth = require('cli-width');

cliWidth(); // maybe 204 :)

You can also set the CLI_WIDTH environment variable.

If none of the methods are supported, and the environment variable isn't set, the default width value is going to be 0, that can be changed using the configurable options.



cliWidth can be configured using an options parameter, the possible properties are:

  • defaultWidth<number> Defines a default value to be used if none of the methods are available, defaults to 0
  • output<object> A stream to be used to read width values from, defaults to process.stdout
  • tty<object> TTY module to try to read width from as a fallback, defaults to require('tty')


Defining both a default width value and a stream output to try to read from:

var cliWidth = require('cli-width');
var ttys = require('ttys');

  defaultWidth: 80,
  output: ttys.output

Defines a different tty module to read width from:

var cliWidth = require('cli-width');
var ttys = require('ttys');

  tty: ttys


npm install
npm test

Coverage can be generated with npm run coverage.