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version 2.0

  • Integrate Seebug and ZoomEye APIs(doing)
  • Add English document(doing)
  • Update webshell class

version 2.0.3

  • Add method:resolve_js_redirects
  • Class pocsuite.api.cannon.Cannon returns details of error and failure of a PoC
  • Fix ImportError in class Cannon
  • Fix wrong md5 func used in PhpShell
  • Change PoC success & fail return format from string to tuple  in Cannon API
  • Catch more exceptions when processing HTTP request in POCBase
  • Fix error 'importing from source results in parent module not found while handling absolute import' when '.' in fullname in Cannon API

version 2.0.4

  • Fix bug in lib/core/ not import locale and used it
  • Fix bug in lib/core/ there is not Variable or constant name NULL,bug it is used
  • Fix bug in lib/core/ loop when command ls something
  • Add file .travis.yml and integrate travis-ci
  • PEP8 and fix some error Variable
  • Update cannon API, you can custom mode/Http Headers/Http Timeout and params

version 3.0


  • Compact structure and code
  • Update thread to coroutine
  • update Interactive mode
  • Add PoC search function
  • Add some PoC to module directory