Scripts related to virtualization or VM management
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== virt-scripts
Scripts related to virtualization tools

=== Contents
 * OneEnvironment - Ruby script to validate OpenNebula environment
 * OneMigration - Ruby script to migrate all OpenNebula VMs on one host to
 another host

=== Dependencies
==== System environment
These scripts use OpenNebula client command and hence it needs to be installed
and configured to connect with OpenNebula server's XML-RPC interface. If the
regular OpenNebula commands like onevm and onehost are working from the system
then this script should work fine as well.

==== Ruby gems
The OpenNebula scripts are built on top of the regular OpenNebula commands.
Hence, if you have a OpenNebula client working properly then OpenNebula scripts
should work fine as well. In case the OpenNebula client is not configured on
the system then you will need to install gems mentioned in the Gemfile and
configure OpenNebula environment as you would do normally, i.e., set ONE_AUTH
and ONE_XMLRPC environment variables properly.
Known system dependencies:
 * libxml2-devel (nokogiri)
 * libxslt-devel (nokogiri)
 * libgcrypt-devel (nokogiri)
 * libgpg-error-devel (nokogiri)