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Mac OS notifications from Python
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Send Mac OS (or notifiers) notifications from the terminal or Python programs.

This is especially useful for when you want a push notification for some long-running background task.

Similar to the terminal-notifier ruby gem, but posix-compliant and able to send notifications via the notifiers library.



For command-line use, the recommended method of installation is through pipx.

pipx install klaxon

Naturally, klaxon can also be pip-installed.

pip install klaxon



# blank notification
# with custom message
klaxon --message "this is the message body"
# pipe message from other program
echo "this is the message body" | klaxon --


from klaxon import klaxon, klaxonify

# send a notification

    title='hello, klaxon',
    message='it me'

# we can decorate our functions to have
# them send notifications at termination

def hello(name='world'):
    return f'hello, {name}'

@klaxonify(title='oh hai', output_as_message=True)
def foo():
    return "This will be the message body."

Non-MacOS Notifications

i.e. mobile | email | slack

You'll need to install klaxon with the notifiers extra.

pipx install klaxon[notifiers]

You will need a ~/.config/klaxon/config.toml or pyproject.toml file with the tool.klaxon namespace configured at the top level. Values from the latter will override values in the former.

enable-notifiers will need to be set to true and you will need a [[notifiers]] key.

The latter will determine the parameters passed to the notifiers.notify method.

For example:


enable-notifiers = true

name = 'slack'
# see
webhook_url = {{your webhook url}}

name = 'pushover'
user = {{your user token}}
token = {{your application token}}

Voila! Now messages sent from klaxon will be pushed to slack and pushover.

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