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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Task runner for the {{ cookiecutter.package_name }} project."""
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from textwrap import dedent
from pathlib import Path
import subprocess as sp
import os
import re
from shell_utils import shell, cd
import click
def main():
Development tasks for {{ cookiecutter.package_name }}
# ensure we're running commands from project root
root = Path(__file__).parent.absolute()
cwd = Path().absolute()
if root != cwd:
click.secho(f'Navigating from {cwd} to {root}',
@click.option('--auto-commit', is_flag=True, help='auto-commit if files changed')
def autopep8(auto_commit):
"""Autopep8 modules."""
def working_directory_dirty():
"""Return True if the git working directory is dirty."""
return shell('git diff-index --quiet HEAD --', check=False).returncode != 0
if auto_commit and working_directory_dirty():
msg ='working directory dirty. please commit pending changes',
raise EnvironmentError(msg)
shell('autopep8 -i -r {{ cookiecutter.project_slug }}/ tests/')
if auto_commit and working_directory_dirty():
shell('git add -u')
shell("git commit -m 'autopep8 (autocommit)'", check=False)
def test_readme():
"""Test README.rst to ensure it will render correctly in warehouse."""
shell('python check -r -s')
def uninstall():
"""Uninstalls all Python dependencies."""
patt = re.compile(r'\w+=(\w+)')
packages = []
for line in'pip', 'freeze'), stdout=sp.PIPE).stdout.decode().splitlines():
if '==' in line:
package, *_ = line.split('==')
match =
if match:
*_, package = match.groups()
stdin = os.linesep.join(packages).encode()
with NamedTemporaryFile() as fn:
shell(f'cat {} | xargs pip uninstall -y')
@click.option('--idempotent', is_flag=True, help='uninstall current packages before installing.')
def install(idempotent):
Install Python dependencies.
click.secho("make sure you're using pipenv for dependency management", fg='yellow')
context = click.get_current_context()
if idempotent:
shell('pip install -e .[dev]')
def dist():
"""Build source and wheel package."""
context = click.get_current_context()
context.invoke(clean, build=True)
shell('python sdist')
shell('python bdist_wheel')
def release():
"""Package and upload a release to pypi."""
context = click.get_current_context()
context.invoke(clean, all=True)
shell('python sdist bdist_wheel')
shell('twine upload dist/*')
def clean_build():
"""Remove build artifacts."""
click.confirm('This will uninstall the {{cookiecutter.project_slug}} cli. '
'You may need to run `pip install -e .` to reinstall it. '
shell('rm -fr build/')
shell('rm -fr dist/')
shell('rm -rf .eggs/')
shell("find . -name '*.egg-info' -exec rm -fr {} +")
shell("find . -name '*.egg' -exec rm -f {} +")
def clean_pyc():
"""Remove Python file artifacts."""
shell("find . -name '*.pyc' -exec rm -f {} +")
shell("find . -name '*.pyo' -exec rm -f {} +")
shell("find . -name '*~' -exec rm -f {} +")
shell("find . -name '__pycache__' -exec rm -fr {} +")
def clean_test():
"""Remove test and coverage artifacts."""
shell('rm -fr .tox/')
shell('rm -f .coverage')
shell('rm -fr htmlcov/')
@click.option('--pyc', is_flag=True, help=clean_pyc.__doc__)
@click.option('--test', is_flag=True, help=clean_test.__doc__)
@click.option('--build', is_flag=True, help=clean_build.__doc__)
@click.option('--all', is_flag=True, help='Clean all files. This is the default')
def clean(pyc, test, build, all):
"""Remove all build, test, coverage and Python artifacts."""
fn_flag = (
(clean_pyc, pyc),
(clean_test, test),
(clean_build, build)
if all or not any((pyc, test, build)):
for fn, flag in fn_flag:
if flag:
@click.option('--capture/--no-capture', default=False, help='capture stdout')
@click.option('--pdb', is_flag=True, help='enter debugger on test failure')
@click.option('--mypy', is_flag=True, help='type-check source code')
def test(capture, pdb, mypy):
Run tests quickly with default Python.
pytest_flags = ' '.join([
'-s' if not capture else '',
'--pdb' if pdb else ''
shell('py.test tests/' + ' ' + pytest_flags)
if mypy:
shell('mypy {{ cookiecutter.project_slug }} tests/ --ignore-missing-imports')
def tox():
"""Run tests in isolated environments using tox."""
@click.option('--no-browser', is_flag=True, help="Don't open browser after building report.")
def coverage(no_browser):
"""Check code coverage quickly with the default Python."""
shell('coverage run --source {{ cookiecutter.project_slug }} -m pytest')
shell('coverage report -m')
shell('coverage html')
if no_browser:
shell('open htmlcov/index.html')
@click.option('--no-browser', is_flag=True, help="Don't open browser after building docs.")
def docs(no_browser):
Generate Sphinx HTML documentation, including API docs.
shell('rm -f docs/{{ cookiecutter.project_slug }}.rst')
shell('rm -f docs/modules.rst')
shell('rm -f docs/{{ cookiecutter.project_slug }}*')
shell('sphinx-apidoc -o docs/ {{ cookiecutter.project_slug }}')
with cd('docs'):
shell('make clean')
shell('make html')
shell('cp -rf docs/_build/html/ public/')
if no_browser:
shell('open public/index.html')
def publish_docs():
Compile docs and publish to GitHub Pages.
Logic borrowed from `hugo <>`
if shell('git diff-index --quiet HEAD --', check=False).returncode != 0:
shell('git status')
raise EnvironmentError('The working directory is dirty. Please commit any pending changes.')
if shell('git show-ref refs/heads/gh-pages', check=False).returncode != 0:
# initialized github pages branch
git checkout --orphan gh-pages
git reset --hard
git commit --allow-empty -m "Initializing gh-pages branch"
git push gh-pages
git checkout master
click.secho('created github pages branch', fg='green')
# deleting old publication
shell('rm -rf public')
shell('mkdir public')
shell('git worktree prune')
shell('rm -rf .git/worktrees/public/')
# checkout out gh-pages branch into public
shell('git worktree add -B gh-pages public gh-pages')
# generating docs
context = click.get_current_context()
context.invoke(docs, no_browser=True)
# push to github
with cd('public'):
shell('git add .')
shell('git commit -m "Publishing to gh-pages (automated)"', check=False)
shell('git push origin gh-pages --force')
remotes = shell('git remote -v', capture=True).stdout.decode()
match ='\w+)/(\w+).git', remotes)
if match:
user, repo = match.groups()
click.secho(f'Your documentation is viewable at '
def update_setup_requires():
"""Update required vendored libraries required for package installation."""
shell('rm -rf setup_requires/')
shell('pip install pipenv --target setup_requires')
if __name__ == '__main__':