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What is Knowthelist?

Knowthelist is an easy to use music player for DJing. Two separate players with their own playlists. A mixer with volume fader, 3 channel equalizer and cross fader. Newly to the player added tracks will be analyzed automatically in the background by a track analyser to detecting silence and volume of the track. The retrieved start and end timestamps enable gap less playing and the determined volume value can be used to sustain a constant loudness over all songs. Tracks are added from a music collection or directly from the filesystem. The music collection has a quick find function by just typing key words into the search field. Collection tree, found tracks and the playlists remain always clearly structured in one view. No unnecessary clicks to switch between views.


Use Drag & Drop! Move whole albums from collection to playlist, add single tracks from track list directly to the player or append it to the playlists. It's possible to exchange songs from one playlist to the other via drag & drop.
Press AutoFader to turn on continuous play and the automatic start of cross-fader at the right time.

Auto DJ

The AutoDJ tab switch from the manual collection search function to a mode, that enables adding tracks automatically by a random selection. It is possible to influence the flavour and amount of the random selection via filter and count settings. This individual settings can be grouped to different virtual AutoDjs, to get always the right mix for each mood. Auto DJ Panel Each AutoDJ can have one or more record cases. The content for each record case is determined by filter settings for each case separately. The count dial on the record case sets the amount of records which get played from each case per round. For example: If you have set a record case which searches for Pop songs and count set to 4, and a second record case which searches for Rock and count set to 2, this DJ will play 4 songs Pop, then 2 songs Rock and 4 songs Pop again, and so on ...

Monitor player

The MonitorPlayer is the third player of Knowthelist and is used to support the song selection. With this player you can pre-listen each song of the collection and also all item of the play-lists of the player1 and player2 by just double-clicking. Then the song will be played on a secondary output device and can be listened to via headphones. To don't lose time the song starts playing at the 10% position.

A red note "No 2nd soundcard selected" indicates that a second sound card must be selected. It is sufficient to use a simple USB sound card for that job. Even this simple € 5 version works out of the box on every OS for Knowthelist.

Attach the USB device to the computer and select the device in the "Audio devices" section on the settings dialog. This setting can be easily reached by click the red note.

Install packages

Prebuilt packages for Linux and Windows can be found here. For MacOS is easy to use Homebrew and the knowthelist.rb recipe from the dist folder to build Knowthelist and get all dependencies (e.g. GStreamer)

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