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DataMapper adapter for the Dynamo-inspired key/value store, Riak.


Requires that you have Riak installed. You can download the latest release here, or install using homebrew:

  brew install riak

Install the dm-riak-adapter gem:

  gem install dm-riak-adapter


Require dm-core and dm-riak-adapter. Tell DataMapper to use the Riak adapter and set a namespace for your app. This namespace will prefix each bucket like myapp:projects myapp:tasks. Skip setting a namespace and the buckets will have no prefix.

  require 'dm-core'
  require 'dm-riak-adapter'

  DataMapper.setup :default, :adapter => 'riak', :namespace => 'myapp'

Continue defining your models and properties as you normally would. Set a property as type Serial to use Riak's server-assigned UUIDs.

  class Project
    include DataMapper::Resource

    property :id,   Serial
    property :name, String

    has n, :tasks

  class Task
    include DataMapper::Resource

    property :id,       Serial
    property :summary,  String

    belongs_to :project