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Commits on Sep 16, 2009
  1. ClassPath added to extlib. ClassPath is an abstraction for any consta…

    Ted Han committed Sep 16, 2009
    …nt path, and provides methods to manipulate classes & paths (e.g. DataMapper::Query::Conditions.outerclass #=> DataMapper::Query). Further examples in the ClassPath documentation & specs.
Commits on Sep 3, 2009
  1. @dbussink
Commits on Sep 2, 2009
  1. @dbussink

    Make extlib nicer too

    dbussink committed Sep 2, 2009
Commits on Sep 1, 2009
  1. @dkubb

    Merge branch 'master' into next

    dkubb committed Sep 1, 2009
Commits on Jul 13, 2009
  1. @dkubb

    Use Array#join to get the log string rather than Array#to_s

    dkubb committed Jul 13, 2009
    * This fixes a problem with logging differences in 1.8.x and 1.9.1
  2. @dkubb
Commits on Jun 13, 2009
  1. @dbussink
  2. @dbussink
  3. @dkubb
  4. @dkubb
Commits on Jun 6, 2009
  1. @dkubb
  2. @dkubb
Commits on May 26, 2009
  1. @dkubb

    Merge branch 'master' into next

    dkubb committed May 26, 2009
Commits on May 23, 2009
  1. @dkubb

    Made LazyArray#head, LazyArray#tail and LazyArray#lazy_possible? public

    dkubb committed May 23, 2009
    * Each of these methods is quite useful to see if the LazyArray is
      partially loaded without kicking it accidentally
Commits on May 5, 2009
  1. @dbussink
  2. @dbussink

    Merge next branch due to 0.9.12 release

    dbussink committed May 5, 2009
  3. @dbussink
  4. @dbussink
Commits on Apr 20, 2009
  1. @dkubb

    Updated RSpec matchers to pass with JRuby and RSpec 1.2.4

    dkubb committed Apr 19, 2009
    * Changed .keys.should include('something') to .should have_key('something')
    * Changed be(true) and be(false) to be_true and be_false
    * Changed .should include('something') to .should be_include('something')
  2. @dkubb
Commits on Apr 18, 2009
  1. @dbussink
Commits on Apr 17, 2009
  1. @merbjedi

    Adding symbolize_keys in order to return a Hash with symbolized (inst…

    merbjedi committed with Dan Kubb Mar 1, 2009
    …ead of stringified) keys
    Signed-off-by: Dan Kubb <>
  2. @HusseinMorsy

    fixed NameError Exception with to_time and to_datetime, when used wit…

    HusseinMorsy committed with Dan Kubb Mar 30, 2009
    …h ActiveSupport [#825 state:resolved]
    Signed-off-by: Dan Kubb <>
  3. @abhay

    Added spec to find past the second level of nesting

    abhay committed with Dan Kubb Apr 10, 2009
    Signed-off-by: Dan Kubb <>
  4. @postmodern

    Use an assertion to enforce proper behavior.

    postmodern committed with Dan Kubb Apr 16, 2009
  5. @postmodern
  6. @postmodern

    When iteratively resolving constants, always use the previously resol…

    postmodern committed with Dan Kubb Apr 14, 2009
    …ved constant to find the next one.
    * This fix resolves the child/parent model missing exceptions seen with
      dm-core >= 0.9.8.
  7. Updated History.txt with changes since last release

    Dan Kubb committed Mar 29, 2009
Commits on Mar 30, 2009
  1. @dbussink

    Move ByteArray to Extlib module

    dbussink committed Mar 30, 2009
  2. Updated History.txt with changes since last release

    Dan Kubb committed Mar 29, 2009
  3. Stripped whitespace

    Dan Kubb committed Mar 29, 2009
Commits on Mar 29, 2009
  1. @michaelklishin
Commits on Mar 26, 2009
  1. @michaelklishin

    Introduce Trait, a lazy evaluated Module

    michaelklishin committed Mar 27, 2009
     * Rationale for lazy evaludated module is to be able to reuse code
       with class method calls like has n, validates_presence and any other
       class methods you may want to use in a module, but cannot because
       hosting class provide them
       this is a good way to get away from STI yet still reuse a lot
       of common functionality between classes, as explained briefly
     * Name Trait comes from Smalltalk world. Traits are modules that
       enforce contract on hosting classes. If you want to read one of original
       papers on traits and code reuse via mixins, see
     * Probably LazyModule would be a better name for Rubyists,
     I am still considering it
  2. @michaelklishin
  3. @michaelklishin
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