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Conversion between measurement systems


The Ministry of Weights and Measures should be able to tell us that 1 inch == 2.54 centimeters. More over it should be able to also tell us that 1 smoot = 67 inches. Need to decide if this is point to point, or whether the metric system

Build solver to reduce/simplify equations.

the following should be determined to be equal: "((metre*gram/second^2)*metre)" "(second*ampere)/((((metre*gram/second^2)*metre)/second)/ampere)"

Solve abbreviation ambiguity


5.m.m should equal 5.milli.metres. Problem is that 5.m could be 5.metres or 5.milli

Factor all definitions into a form consistent with the Buckingham π theorem.


Need a reduced form for all measure definitions. The Buckingham π form seems to be the standard format for it. Need to still account for some issues like "celcius/seconds" should reduce to "(kelvin+273)/seconds", and then to "(kelvin*seconds^-1) + (273/seconds)"

Coping with significant figures and floating point precision problems.


The internal representations of measures are going to have to deal with [floating point precision issues] (, particularly since a lot of the lib functions off of actual multiplication of values.

Solution Ideas

  • Let people specify whether to run in BigDecimal or normal Float mode.
  • Let people specify significant figures of a value of a measure.


DONE 02/27/09: Definitional Ambiguity Dealt with

Done by forcing additional tokens :P so kilograms must be represented as "kilo.gram" or "k.g"


Unfortunately there was an irresolvable ambiguity problem for certain tokens. There's no way to tell if "metre" is a milli-etre, or just a metre.