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== 0.9.12
* Allow framework auto-detection to be disabled. Set
`Warbler.framework_detection = false` at the top of config/warble.rb
or uncomment the line from a newly generated config.
* Add configuration option to set manifest file (thanks Tommy McGuire)
* Mitigate RubyGems 1.3 compatibility issue (thanks Jens Norrgrann)
* Add experimental `war:exploded` task. This allows you to deploy your
application in an exploded mode, thus allowing continual development
without re-warring and re-deploying. Feedback is appreciated if you
try this feature; it may not work in all application servers and for
applications other than Rails.
* Handle Rails gem dependencies better (thanks Laszlo Bacsi)
* Auto-detect Merb dependencies (Merb >= 1.0 only). Please give
feedback if you try Warbler with a Merb 1.0 app.
* Ignore gem development dependencies
* Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.6 and JRuby-Rack 0.9.3
== 0.9.11
* Auto-detect Rails and Merb and configure appropriately
- For Rails, set rails booter, determine max runtimes based on Rails.configuration.threadsafe!,
add Rails gem, detect Rails version, set gems to be packaged based on
Rails.configuration.gems if available
- Rails gems only added if Rails application detected
- For Merb, set merb booter automatically
* Auto-detect rackup script and pass it into config.webxml.rackup
* rails.env now commented by default in config/warble.rb and internally default
the value to 'production'
* Default directories in config.dirs to only those that are found to be present
* Allow config.gems array to contain regexps and Gem::Dependency objects as well
(assist from Jani Soila)
* Fix bug ensuring you can += and -= for config.gems
* Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.4 and JRuby-Rack 0.9.2
* add [] as a way to specify non-identifier keys, example: config.webxml['!@#$%^'] = 'haha'
== 0.9.10
* Upgraded to JRuby-Rack 0.9.1. Fixes JRUBY-2620, JRUBY-2594, JRUBY-2507.
* Now verified to work with Camping and Sinatra. See for examples
of how to configure Warbler to package your Camping and Sinatra apps.
* Upgraded to JRuby 1.1.3.
* Log files are no longer packaged in the .war file.
* Fix #<Warbler::WebxmlOpenStruct ...> appearing in web.xml and document workarounds.
* Add config.autodeploy_dir that, when specified, will create the war there.
== 0.9.9
* Now shipping with JRuby-Rack 0.9!
* Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.1
* warble.rb and web.xml.erb have changed as a result of the change to JRuby-Rack -- we
recommend comparing the new base copies with any existing configuration you have to
make sure you pick up the differences.
* Config changes:
** config.webxml.booter chooses what kind of application to use (:rails, :merb or plain :rack).
** config.webxml.pool.* have been replaced by config.webxml.jruby.(min|max).runtimes
** config.webxml.standalone and config.webxml.jruby_home no longer have any effect.
== 0.9.5
* Fix bug in plugin warbler.rake task file that would favor loading warbler from gems before the version
installed as a plugin
* Upgrade to JRuby 1.1 final and Goldspike 1.6.1
== 0.9.4
* Update bundled JRuby to 1.1RC3 and Goldspike to 1.6.
* Fix inclusion of gems with platform-specific bits (e.g., Hpricot)
== 0.9.3
* Update bundled JRuby to 1.1RC2, and Goldspike to 1.5.
* The bundled JRuby and Goldspike now require JDK 5 or greater. If you wish to use JDK 1.4, use Warbler 0.9.2.
== 0.9.2
* Update bundled JRuby to version 1.0.3 and Goldspike 1.4.
* Add config.java_classes to allow you to copy loose Java classes into WEB-INF/classes.
* Make jar command a single command string so that jar creation doesn't fail (works around bug in JRuby 1.0.2)
* Use File.join to form staging directory, should produce the proper jar-command path in Windows
== 0.9.1
* Add rake >= 0.7.3 as a dependency in the gem specification.
* Add debug tasks: war:debug, war:debug:gems, war:debug:public, war:debug:app, war:debug:includes,
war:debug:excludes, war:debug:java_libs gives you a breakdown of what Warbler expects to package.
== 0.9
* Birthday! Warbler is a gem to make a .war file out of a Rails project. The intent is to provide a
minimal, flexible, ruby-like way to bundle up all of your application files for deployment to a
Java application server.
* Bundled versions: goldspike-1.4-SNAPSHOT and jruby-complete-1.0.1
* Works as both a gem (rake application) or a plugin