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Screencast code, script and chicken drawings for the OAuth course
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OAuth2.0 - Episode 1

Build Status

Sir or madam, Inside this fine repository, you'll find a few things:

1) Project Code!

Depending on which branch you're on, you may be seeing the code and different "steps" along the way:

  • master - The beginning stage of the project
  • finish - The ending stage of the project

If you want to code along with the tutorial, start with the code on the master branch. If you want to see the finished product, go to the finish branch.

This tutorial actually has a few pieces:

a) client - This is the TopCluck website we build b) cron - A small CRON-job script we build c) server - The source code for the COOP server we use

Inside each directory are instructions on how to get things running.

2) The Written Script

On the master branch only, there is a knpu branch. This contains the written script for the tutorial.

Contributing! Woot!

We hope this (and all) tutorials can be living, breathing guides that evolve over time. Did we screw something up? Do you have a note from personal experience that would be helpful to others? We want that!

And as always, thanks so much for your support and letting us do what we love!

<3 Your friends at KnpUniversity

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