Leaflet plugin for easy adding of tiles from Kartverket
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L.TileLayer.Kartverket is a Leaflet.js plugin for creating tile layers from Kartverket (The Norwegian Mapping Authority). It is essentially a wrapper over L.TileLayer.


Either install using bower:

bower install L.TileLayer.Kartverket -S

or, download manually. Include the file in yout page, and use it:

L.tileLayer.kartverket('layer_name', options).addTo(map);

or, more verbose:

var layer = new L.TileLayer.Kartverket('layer_name', options);

Where layer_name is the name of a layer from kartverket, and options is a set of TileLayer options

To get a list of layer names, call:

var layer_names = L.tileLayer.kartverket.getLayers();


See the demo page.


This plugin is licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 1.1, see LICENSE.md


This plugin is developed by Norkart on behalf of the Norwegian arts Council as part of the "Kultur- og naturreise demo"-project