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* Investigate files that the programs cannot reproduce. Such files are stored
in the testsuite git branch.
* Would be nice to keep a md5sums list of the files in the manifest and
check and error if any are different. The error message from xdelta when
a source file doesn't have the right checksup is fairly obscure and
doesn't aid in fixing the problem.
There's an implementation of this in the manifest-md5sums branch of
git:// , but I have
not yet decided about applying it, since it would bloat the delta files
with a list of all the files and md5sums..
* Optimisation: Enhance zgz so it runs multiple compression alternatives
block-by-block in parallell, aborting compressors when they differ
from the target file.
* Add binary deltas for unreproducible bz2 files. (But currently, only two
bz2 files are known that fails to reproduce: nsis and freecol in testsuite.)
* Support checkout/checkin using other VCS than git.
bzr-builddeb stores pristine-tar data in bzr repositories.
The delta is stored in a bzr revprop named "deb-pristine-delta"
or "deb-pristine-delta-bz2".