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About last Bans

Two days ago I was manually reviewing the anti-cheat logs for the last months and evaluating the data in them.
At the end, 6 cases where clearly abusing misuse of giveaway feedback to bypass sgtools rules. That behavior is one of the two punished with a ban, being the other one, leaking a giveaway URL.

As was expected, those people are just complaining about the ban in this thread, and of course all of them define themselves as not guilty, at least here in the forum.
New section: **Deals**

On this section you'll see a list of current deals on the following official reseller stores (Amazon US, Steam, GamersGate, GreenManGaming). 

Deals of games that are on the bundled list are hidden by default, but there is a toggle at the top of the page to show/hide them whenever you want. If you decide to show bundle games, you'll see that they have a light red background to easily distinguish them from non-bundled deals.

Deals will show every deal that is above or equal to 50% discount, since they are the most notorious and the ones that interest most to people.
New Infraction system.
Infractions replaces bans on "entered sgtools protected giveaway without a valid entry" cases. This new system will use a strikes based calculations to ensure that a user is really aware of those infractions before being permanently denied of getting thought sgtools giveaways.

Strike system details:
1. First Strike -> 1 month
2. Second Strike -> 3 months
3. Third Strike -> 6 months
4. Forth+ Strike -> 3000 years (aka perma infraction).

Users currently serving an infraction will see a red bar on the top of every giveaway-related page informing of the time it'll expire. They can do every operation on sgtools apart from qualifying for giveaways and getting the url.

There is still permabans in place (currently only 5), for the following cases:
* Users that misuse giveaway feedback to bypass giveaway rules
* Giveaway url leakers
* Trying to exploit in any other way the system
New train system is live.
You'll see that now giveaway creation part accepts **multiple steamgifts url's**. The **first one** is considered the **main giveaway** and it'll be the one that appears on the sgtools protected giveaway's details.
You'll only be able to** enter wagons to sgtools during giveaway creation** time, and they **cannot be modified** (either removed or added). If you need more wagons you will need to create another giveaway altogether.

In short, a wagon will only be considered protected if it has been added during giveaway creation time, that gives more control over trains and closes some spaces that malicious users could use to try to ban other people.

This means that you will only be able to **check invalid entries for wagons that are on the system** associated with the main giveaway.
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