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dired functions and settings to mimic FDclone
Emacs Lisp
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This package includes functions and settings for dired to make it work and feel like the legendary file manager FD, or its portable clone called FDclone.

It also implements some original features to make it even more useful.


dired-fdclone.el provides the following interactive commands:

  • diredfd-goto-top
  • diredfd-goto-bottom
  • diredfd-toggle-mark-here
  • diredfd-toggle-mark
  • diredfd-toggle-all-marks
  • diredfd-mark-or-unmark-all
  • diredfd-narrow-to-marked-files
  • diredfd-narrow-to-files-regexp
  • diredfd-goto-filename
  • diredfd-do-shell-command
  • diredfd-do-sort
  • diredfd-do-flagged-delete-or-execute
  • diredfd-enter
  • diredfd-enter-directory
  • diredfd-enter-parent-directory
  • diredfd-enter-root-directory
  • diredfd-do-pack
  • diredfd-do-unpack
  • diredfd-help
  • diredfd-nav-mode


This package is available on MELPA.


The above functions are mostly usable stand-alone, but if you feel like omakase, add the following line to your setup.


This makes dired:

  • color directories in cyan and symlinks in yellow like FDclone
  • sort directory listings in the directory-first style
  • alter key bindings to mimic FD/FDclone
  • not open a new buffer when you navigate to a new directory
  • run a shell command in ansi-term to allow launching interactive commands
  • automatically revert the buffer after running a command with obvious side-effects

Without spoiling dired's existing features.

As usual, customization is available via:

M-x customize-group dired-fdclone RET


Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Akinori MUSHA.

Licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

Visit the GitHub Repository for the latest information.

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