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A macOS applet for converting movies to GIFs
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main.applescript for macOS is a tiny application for macOS that converts movies to optimized GIFs using the method described in the following article, written by Cassidy K:

The scaling option is hardcoded to fit movies to 1280x720 without upscaling.

The included shell script can be run on any Unix like platforms where ffmpeg is available.


This package depends on ffmpeg(1), which can be installed via Homebrew or MacPorts:

% brew install ffmpeg
% port install ffmpeg


% make install


  1. Directly open the application and select a movie file.

  2. Drag and drop movie files to the application.

  3. Open a context menu on a movie file and select MOV2GIF from the Open With menu.

To Do

  • Give it a better icon (and probably a better name)
  • Optimize the options more as necessary


Copyright (c) 2019 Akinori MUSHA.

Licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

Visit GitHub Repository for the latest information.

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