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This request merges changes from tfoldi and graaff, and cleans up most warnings, including the removal of a function in plpl.c that wasn't used anywhere. All tests still passed.



graaff and others added some commits Jun 27, 2010
@graaff graaff Link explicitly to the ruby18 library to avoid issues when other ruby…
… implementations or versions are the default ruby library.
@tfoldi tfoldi With this patch PLRuby supports SFRM_ValuePerCall return mode. Now it is
possible to return SETOF types in contexts, which does not supports

This was required to support functions which returns multiple SETOF
records from a single function calls in column definitions, eg.:

test1=# SELECT ruby_function(column);
(2 rows)

where ruby function returns 'setof custom_type'.

A minor modification also added to avoid warning message with ruby19
Daniel Berger Merge branch 'master' of 2573236
Daniel Berger Cleaned up most warnings and removed an unused function in plpl.c. 6cdc340

Go ahead and kill this one and merge the one from globegit instead.

@djberg96 djberg96 closed this Mar 11, 2014
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