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To prepare to load mmap-0.2.5 into trunk,

perform 2 renames.

* trunk/doc: Renamed from trunk/docs.
* trunk/test: Renamed from trunk/tests.

git-svn-id: file:///home/knu/repos/ts/mmap/trunk@32 20c87e7c-833f-de11-9cfd-0015170b777a
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commit 5edbf07039803af5be150d237d5f0c76c0ef96c3 1 parent b9b426c
authored November 07, 2004
0  docs/mmap.rb → doc/mmap.rb
File renamed without changes
0  tests/mmapt.rb → test/mmapt.rb
File renamed without changes
0  tests/runit_.rb → test/runit_.rb
File renamed without changes

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