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Enhancement for the imenu support in yaml-mode
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This package enhances the imenu support in yaml-mode. It generates an index containing a full list of keys that contain any child, with key names in the dot-separated path form like and ja.activerecord.attributes.user.nickname. It shines best with which-function-mode enabled.


This package depends on Ruby for parsing YAML documents to obtain location information of each node. Ruby >=2.5 works out of the box; if you have an older version of Ruby, run the following command to install the latest version of psych, the YAML parser:

% gem install psych --user

The parser only parses a document without evaluating it, so there should be no security concerns.


Add the following line to your init file:



A precise YAML node path list this package provides is especially useful when dealing with a large YAML file.

With which-func-mode enabled, you can always see at a glance where you are. In this example, the "YAML path" is shown in the header line instead of the mode line by customizing header-line-format.

With which-func-mode

Using helm-imenu, it is extremely easy to navigate to anywhere you want to go.

With helm-imenu


Copyright (c) 2018 Akinori MUSHA.

Licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

Visit GitHub Repository for the latest information.

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