A zle tweak for easy access to VCS status
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easy-vcs-status for zsh


  • easy-vcs-status - a zle tweak for easy access to VCS status


Screen shot

This tweak allows user to pop up VCS status using the completion menu UI with a key combination (default: Meta-Shift-S) whenever you are on the command line.

VCS status is shown in the completion menu which is scrollable back and forth. If you hit enter, the full output is written to the standard output. If you hit space, the last shell word on the current line is pasted into the previous command line as result of the completion. Otherwise, the menu simply disappears and user can get back to normal operation on the command line with the previous input.

How to set up

A variable defined by vcs_info is used to figure out what VCS is used in the current directory, so vcs_info must be loaded and configured in order for this tweak to work.

Given vcs_info is set up, put the file easy-vcs-status somewhere in your $fpath and add these lines to your .zshrc:

autoload -Uz easy-vcs-status

This binds the tab key to expand-or-complete-or-vcs-status, a wrapper of expand-or-complete that casts all the magic.


Keys for opening and closing VCS status popups are configurable via zstyle as follows:

# Use Meta-Control-S instead
zstyle ":easy-vcs-status:bindkey" open '^[^S'

You can alternatively manually bind a key to the function open-vcs-status.

Commands for showing VCS statuses are configurable via zstyle as follows:

zstyle ":easy-vcs-status:command" "$vcs" "$command"

For convenient scrolling through a long status output, I strongly suggest binding keys in the menuselect keymap if you haven't, for example:

zmodload zsh/complist
bindkey -M menuselect '\e[Z' reverse-menu-complete
bindkey -M menuselect '^V' forward-word
bindkey -M menuselect '^[v' backward-word
bindkey -M menuselect '^[<' beginning-of-history
bindkey -M menuselect '^[>' end-of-history


Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Akinori MUSHA

Licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.