manydots-magic - zle tweak for emulating `...'==`../..' etc.
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manydots-magic for zsh


  • manydots-magic - zle tweak for emulating ...==../.. etc.


This tweek helps input ancestor directories beyond the parent (..) in a handy way. You can just type triple dots to input ../.., quadruple dots to ../../.., etc..

% .. [Hit <.>]
% ../.. [Hit <.>]
% ../../.. [Hit <^H>]
% ../.. [Hit <^H>]
% ..

As you see above, each of the /.. parts complemented by this tweak can be deleted by a single invocation of the backward-delete-char command, only if invoked right after the magic happens.

% .. [Hit </><.><.>]
% ../.. [Hit <^H>]
% ../.

Triple-dot is not a rarely used character sequence, and this tweak kind of "knows" when it should be expanded.

% ruby -e '(1.. [Hit <.>]
% ruby -e '(1...

% git log branch.. [Hit <.>]
% git log branch...

% git diff .. [Hit <.>]
% git diff ../.. [Hit <b>]      <- This may be a path...
% git diff ...b [Hit <ranch>]   <- Or not.
% git diff ...branch

How to set up

Put the file manydots-magic somewhere in your $fpath (typically in $ZDOTDIR which is set to something like ~/.zsh or ~/.zsh.d) and add these lines to your .zshrc:

autoload -Uz manydots-magic

If you are enabling url-quote-magic, make sure to load url-quote-magic first and then load manydots-magic.


Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Akinori MUSHA

Licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE for details.