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Documentation repo for Scribe. Built using Docusaurus 2.


  • Node.js 12+
  • npm or Yarn (Ideally, Yarn, but npm works too.)


yarn install

Local Development

yarn start starts a local development server on http://localhost:3000 and opens up a browser window. Most changes are reflected live without having to restart the server.

Note that the search bar won't be shown at all in local dev mode.


yarn build creates a production build in the build directory, which can then be served on localhost:3000 with yarn serve.


The site is currently deployed to via Render. The site will build and auto-deploy on push to any branch in the repo.


Docs are Markdown files, located within laravel/ and nodejs/. Images and assets go in static/. A few custom React components, styles and pages are in src/.

Releasing a new version

-First, pin the current docs as the old version. For example, to create docs for 5.x, tag the current ones as 4.x: yarn run docusaurus docs:version 4.x

  • Next, add the version to the laravelVersionDropdown in docusaurus.config.js.

  • Finally, update the versions key for the @docusaurus/preset-classic section in docusaurus.config.js, to look something like this:

    current: {
        label: "Laravel: 5.x (current)",
        badge: true,
    "4.x": {
      label: "Laravel: 4.x",
      badge: true,
      banner: 'unmaintained',
      path: '/4.x',

Done! Now the docs for v5 will be in /laravel, and those for v4 will be in laravel_versioned_docs/version-4.x.