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@@ -7,9 +7,11 @@ expose an HTTP API. Elli is a aimed exclusively at building
high-throughput, low-latency HTTP APIs. If robustness and performance
is more important than general purpose features, then `elli` might be
for you. If you find yourself digging into the implementation of a
-webserver, `elli` might be for you.
+webserver, `elli` might be for you. If you're building web services,
+not web sites, then `elli` might be for you.
-Elli is used in production at Wooga and Game Analytics.
+Elli is used in production at Wooga and Game Analytics. Elli requires
+R15 or newer.
## Features
@@ -50,7 +52,12 @@ Here's the features Elli *does* have:
* Chunked transfer in responses for real-time push to clients
- * Pipelining
+ * Basic pipelining. HTTP verbs that does not have side-effects(`GET`
+ and `HEAD`) can be pipelined, ie. a client supporting pipelining
+ can send multiple requests down the line and expect the responses
+ to appear in the same order as requests. Elli processes the
+ requests one at a time in order, future work could make it possible
+ to process them in parallel.
* SSL using built-in Erlang/OTP ssl, nice for low volume admin
interfaces, etc. For high volume, you should probably go with

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