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J 0. Preface / motivation
<BHK interpretation, functional programming>
1. Pre-requisites
I 1.1. Untyped lambda-calculus
I 1.1.1 Beta-reduction
I ?1.1.2 Church-Rosser theorem
I ?1.1.3 Combinators
I 1.2. Simply typed lambda-calculus
J 1.3. A revisit of Natural Deduction
<include hints on correspondence>
2. Curry-Howard Isomorphism
J 2.1 Bijection between proof trees ("the proof" in LCH)
J 2.2 Combinators <-> Axioms
J 2.3 Parallel between beta-reductions and transformations of proof trees
J 2.4 Correspondance between weak normalizations and normal forms
I 2.5 Uniqueness of normal form and Church-Rosser Theorem
I 2.6 Consistency of Nip-> via Normal forms
3. Further material
3.1 Constructiveness in Computation / Example in Haskell
If time permits:
3. Extensions and consequences
3.1 From implicational to a full deduction system via an extended types
3.3 Relations between type checking, inhabitation and typability and
(purely) proof theoretic problems.
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