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dancerctl - Like apachectl for perl/Dancer apps. Small tool that can start/stop/restart Dancer apps.


  dancerctl action [appname [environment]]

Where action can be

  start, stop, restart
  startall, stopall, restartall, statusall

environment - usually 'development' or 'production' (by default). Default environment is used if no environment specified.

Examples under not root user:

  dancerctl start|stop|restart|status app [environment]
  dancerctl startall|stopall|restartall|status|statusall
  dancerctl help
  dancerctl init appname path [force]

Examples under root(!) user: [not implemented now]

  dancerctl user [action [app [environment]]]

Not implemented now, but will be in future

  dancerctl setup   [not implemented]
  dancerctl update  [not implemented]
  dancerctl list    [not implemented]

dancerctl init

init will create config for app with default recommended values. Default config can be placed in recommended: section to /etc/dancerctl.conf otherwise the __DATA__ section of dancerctl script will be used.

  dancerctl init appname path [force]
    * path counted from user dir: app -> /home/user/app
    * when 'force' the config file will be overwritten if exists.


  # example 1: 
      dancerctl init app path/to/app
  # example 2: 
      cd path/to/app
      dancerctl init app `pwd`
  # example 3: config will be recreated
      cd path/to/app
      dancerctl init app `pwd` force

Configs (ORDER BY priority DESC)

  ~/.dancerctl/$appname [environment: section]
  ~/.dancerctl/$appname [root param]

Config format: YAML for the ~/.dancerctl/$appname and any ini-style (better YAML too) for the /etc/dancerctl.conf

Config example

See app.yml which should be moved to /home/user/.dancerctl/ and renamed to app.

    * NOTE! Names of parameters in config can be changed in next versions

Global %ENV params

It is possible to use to global parameters in %ENV:

  DANCERCTL_CONF  - default config for dancerctl, instead of /etc/dancerctl.conf
  DANCERCTL_DEBUG - enable/disable debug mode, has more priority, then in dancerctl.conf
    export DANCERCTL_CONF=/path/to/local/dancerctl.conf
    DANCERCTL_DEBUG=1 dancerctl statusall


perl 5.10, Config::Auto and YAML::Tiny are required.

  curl -L -k | perl - --self-upgrade
  cpanm Config::Auto YAML::Tiny
  cd ~
  mkdir dancerctl
  cd dancerctl
  git clone git:// ./
  alias d='~/dancerctl/dancerctl'
  d help

dancerctl was tested under modern version of Ubuntu (11.04). Some parts (like 'status') may not work under different linuxes and OSes (note hardcoded slashes and format of ps lax).

You can get 'dev' branch with latest changes with

  git clone git:// ./ -b dev  


Copyright (c) 2011, Nick Knutov,,


BSD 2-Clause License (