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OpenTTD Lithuanian Town Names

  1. Description

  2. Requirements

  3. Installation

  4. Building from the source on Linux

  5. Configuration

  6. License

  7. Support

  8. Authors

  9. Description

This NewGRF provides name of existing and possible Lithuanian village, town and city names to OpenTTD.

  1. Requirements

  1. Installation

Please use BaNaNaS for installation.

  1. Building from the source on Linux

  1. Configuration

Execute OpenTTD. Choose NewGRF Settings and enable the NewGRF. Then choose Game Options and select Lithuanian from Town names selection menu.

  1. License

This software is licensed as described in the file, which You should have received as part of this distribution. The terms are also available at

  1. Support

Issue tracker can be found at

  1. Authors