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@knutwurst knutwurst released this 27 Jun 17:54
· 172 commits to master since this release


  • Support for Chiron with the new Anycubic 0.0.2 Display (use CHIRON_DGUS if the special menu is missing)
  • Support for MEGA X with the new Anycubic 0.0.2 Display (use MEGA_X_DGUS if the special menu is missing)
  • Support for both Chiron Models (Anycubic OFW 1.3.0 and 1.3.5)
  • Fully working manual mesh bed leveling (MBL) and auto bed leveling (ABL) feature for Anycubic Chiron!
  • No need of any custom gcode files stored on the sd card to enable or disable ABL
  • New "reset leveling" menu entry in special menu for Chiron
  • Manual leveling while printing for Chiron
  • Ultra-Fast BLTouch/3DTouch probing feature
  • BLTouch Autolevelling mesh is now saved automatically to eeprom storage
  • Automatic Z-Offset save/restore
  • Automatic Mesh rebuild feature on "load defaults" for Chiron.
  • Smaller print area for normal i3 MEGA. (215x215x206 mm)
  • FlowRate can be adjusted in 1% steps instead of 5%
  • New pin assignment for all Trigorilla boards
  • Auto Home X after G29 on Chiron
  • On Mega S/P/X the ne nozzle moves 2 mm away from the endstops after homing
  • Automatic stepper driver release after successful auto leveling
  • New differentiation between A4988 and TMC22XX stepper drivers to ensure maximum performance
  • Max E0 (Nozzle) temperature increased to 300°C


  • Pressing the "back" Button in the advanced leveling menu crashed the printer
  • Fixed "whining" noise on stock Mega Pro
  • Fix "filament in/out" nozzle heating.
  • Fix Support for 3DTouch and other BLTouch Clones
  • BLTouch mesh leveling grid was sometimes not loaded correctly.
  • Chiron extruder fan was not working at all
  • Chiron Mesh levelling was out of bed boundaries
  • Print progress was not shown on Display
  • Print time was incorrect on Display
  • Crashes when using USB and SD at the same time (only DGUS Version)
  • Extruder fan on Mega Pro was not set automatically
  • Easy 4 Point Leveling did only work for point 1 on Chiron
  • Fixed slow responding Touchscreen on some Mega S/P Models
  • Fixed stuttering on small curves when using ARC.

Known Issues:

  • The Mega Pro Laser is currently nor supported at all
  • When setting the Z offset manually, the Nozzle does not move to give you "live feedback". The Offset is only applied after X/Y movement
  • The Nozzle temperature can only be set over 260°C via gcode and not the Touchscreen. This issue can not be fixed
  • On Mega X with original DWIN/DGUS II Display, the pause/resume feature does not work due to a bug in the TFT Firmware itself.

How to Install:

  1. Follow the Beginner's Guide which is also available in german as "Einsteiger Leitfaden".
  2. Read the FAQ which can also be found in the Wiki.
  3. If you own a MEGA S or MEGA PRO, set your Bed size in your Slicer to these values.
  4. Use Cura, PrusaSlicer or xLoader to flash the Firmware to your Printer.

Important: Be sure to select "LOAD FW DEFAULTS" and "SAVE EEPROM" via Special Menu after updating!