Mopidy extension for controlling volume using an external Yamaha network connected receiver.
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Mopidy extension for controlling volume on external Yamaha network connected receivers. Developed and tested with a Yamaha RX-V673.


Install by running:

sudo pip install Mopidy-Yamaha


The Mopidy-Yamaha extension is enabled by default. To disable it, add the following to mopidy.conf:

enabled = false

The Yamaha receiver must be connected to the local network and the receiver ip must be specified in the configuration.

To use the Yamaha receiver to control volume, set the audio/mixer config value in mopidy.conf to yamaha. You must also add some properties to the yamaha config section.

Supported properties:

  • host: The ip or hostname to the receiver.
  • source: The source that should be selected on the amplifier, like HDMI1, AV_1, AUDIO_1, etc. Leave unset if you don't want the mixer to change it for you.
  • party_mode: Enable/Disable party mode. Party mode sends the same audio to all of the receiver's zones. Not available on all receivers. Example values: on or off.

Configuration example:

mixer = yamaha

# If the amplifier is available at IP
# and audio is connected to the HDMI 2 port.
host =
source = HDMI2
party_mode = off

Project resources


v0.2.6 (2017-12-09)

  • Fix 'YamahaMixer mixer returned bad data' Error. Thanks @rawdlite.

v0.2.5 (2014-10-07)

  • Fix bug which caused party mode never to get enabled

v0.2.4 (2014-10-03)

  • Fix spelling in documentation

v0.2.3 (2014-10-03)

  • Add support for party mode

v0.2.2 (2014-08-06)

  • Fix wrong configuration parameter in example docs

v0.2.1 (2014-08-06)

  • Update README to reflect configuration changes

v0.2.0 (2014-08-06)

  • Use the new Mopidy mixer API (requires Mopidy >=v0.19)
  • New configuration section. Remember to update your mopidy.conf

v0.1.2 (2014-02-14)

  • Update changelog

v0.1.1 (2014-02-14)

  • Minor doc changes
  • Add talker test for mute on/off

v0.1 (2014-02-13)

  • Initial release