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Repository for open data sets for the Knoxville City Hackathon
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Knoxville Open Data

Below are the open data sets and civic challenges for the Knoxville City Hackathon. There will be a prize to each member of the group that produces the best product that addresses the challenge / uses the open data set. This is separate from the top 3 overall prizes. Teams have a chance to double up on prizes by choosing a civic challenge / dataset and go for the overall prizes.

The criteria for judging can be found on the knxhx website


Table of Contents

The five prize categories are:

Other datasets that may be useful to address the five prize categories

Sponsored Problems

Below are a list of challenges, some with datasets that will be eligible for prizes specific to the particular challenge. Regardless of which challenge you choose (or choose something not sponsored), all teams are eligible to compete for the top prizes.


Here are accompanying data challenges dealing with homelessness in Knoxville

KAT Transportation & Access to Service Locations

Develop app or website to plug in services that will then tell you route to take and potential costs associated with route or time to destination (could also see use beyond the homeless). In some ways this is like the Transit app ( but would have a directory of sources.

Example: if a user needs to go to CAC or Social Security Office, what KAT route does the user need to take (including connections) at what time.

Useful data sources:

Appointment Reminders

App that a worker can log into and into to put in an appointment date, visit type, visit contact, and docs needed at appointment & where person can log-in to confirm attendance.

Emergency weather and white flag notifications

Emergency shelter or weather channel info can pull in info during severe weather to notify persons who have registered.

Eligibility for services

An App version of to search keywords to match fields entered by the user (veteran, age, family, youth, domestic violence, etc.) to match them to city services.

look at LA's WIN app (looks similar to ServicePoint)

"How to help" app

Too often, well-intentioned citizens don't have the information they need to best help or how to connect with agencies that are helping. This app helps refer people to categories of agencies – with timely updates (seasonal, for instance) of good that are in need (e.g., clothes, $, volunteers, etc.).

This app has two purposes: a routine portal for local organizations are in need of help, and in disaster-scenarios, near and far, people could have the app to send help that is needed.


  • food pantries / shelter can say what they need / restaurants can put in. karm / other programs that accept items / food pantries may have a ton of these items, but not, blank.

  • sponsor a ride for someone? (medical, appointments) Lyft Lyft Coverage 2

How do I get vital documents?

  • (birth certificate / social security card / in-state or out of state) understanding the cost for that, times to call (can't walk in)

Youth focused app

  • In Knoxville, unaccompanied persons age 12-24 have a different set of needs from the larger population experiencing homelessness


  • Calendar of events, ability to send anonymous surveys to receive information from those in the community experiencing homelessness

Waste and Resources

Solid Waste Educational Tool: How much waste have we produced this year/month?

Webpage where residents could see how much trash, recycling, brush, household hazardous waste, etc we have created as a community—and what the City has done with it. This could include colorful graphics so residents could really grasp amounts (like using infographic of Neyland Stadium, semi-trucks, elephants, etc instead of just number of tons). Jan 2018-Nov 2018 data is provided.

Once we establish any waste-reduction goals, we can measure against those goals.


Solid Waste Annual Reports

Responsive, tailored educational postcard to residents who don't set out properly

On occasion, residents don't set out their curbside trash or recycling correctly:

  • trash carts may be placed too close to objects like telephone poles or cars
  • trash may overflow out of the cart
  • recycling carts may contain material that is not recyclable.

These missteps slow collection and can create unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Unfortunately, notification of these mistakes may be inconsistent, delayed, or confusing.

Find patterns of frequent "problem stops" from the Offenders List. Issue postcard to resident to help them understand how to properly manage trash (for example, if a certain resident frequently has overflow, send a postcard that explains limitations, encourages them to sign up for recycling, tells them where to take excess trash, etc.)

Excel list compiled by Waste Connection from driver comments.

We could create more columns for checkboxes so the type of postcard sent is very tailored to that single issue.


Provided are FAKE violators that simulate the data the department receives. For useful visualization, the addresses provided are real addresses (but no violation has actually occurred).

Curbside Violators (fake data)

Incentives for productive building reuse

City sponsored façade grant recipients

The City of Knoxville Community Development Office provides an incentive program to improve the façades of certain types of buildings within targeted redevelopment areas. By bettering the appearance of building façades, the program serves to improve the economic viability of these areas. Better aesthetics increase property values, improve the marketability of space within the buildings and draw business and residents to the area. The grant is typically a small percentage of the cost of the overall building rejuvenation, as the building owner invests a ton of money inside the building, opening a new business, renovating and gutting the structure. but brings a visible change to the target areas. Currently, the city maintains an internal spreadsheet of all properties that have received commercial façade grants. While sites like Inside Knoxville have displayed photos and stories of businesses that have benefitted from the program, there is no website or listing the displays all of the locations that have received grants over the years. The City is interested in assessing the vitality of the program, and public visibility of the projects (beyond the improvements each project has made to each project's block) is an important assessment of the program's success.


façade grant recipients

PILOT recipients

Under the PILOT program, a property's current property taxes are frozen for a number of years. In some cases, certain items of personal property are included, as well. However, the owner and project still pay all other taxes, including the mainstay of the Tennessee economy, sales taxes.

In Knoxville and Knox County, the Payment-In-Lieu-Of-Taxes (PILOT) program is targeted at development of property for either jobs-creating economic development projects or economic-catalyst projects. In both cases, the goal is to appropriately incentivize business owners or developers to create economic activity where there was none before. The criteria in weighing these applications is that the project is operating on a thin margin, and it wouldn't be possible without the City assistance in closing the financing gap.


PILOT recipients

Downtown catalog and directory

Information on live music, happy hours and other events in downtown Knoxville that is reliable and authoritative with location and times. A stream of data could be made available for consumption by other apps, facebook, social media or and the like. Local businesses could easily make accounts to add their events.



App for reporting and tracking potholes

The goal is to have an App for the City of Knoxville Public Service Department that will efficiently route drivers to potholes that need to be filled. Their internal standard requires that potholes be filled within 48 hours of receiving the work order. They are looking for an app that can generate the most efficient route for their drivers, which takes into account pothole location and turnaround deadline, and would ensure that work orders are completed efficiently in regards to both cost and time. Ideally, this app could have the capability (for later) to pull new work orders from their Accela Software as they come in, (but for the hackathon a sample dataset will be provided that is similar). Once the address of the pothole has been determined, they would like notifications of new potholes sent to our drivers in route. The App could then reroute our drivers while taking into account their current locations and pothole turnaround deadlines.


Parking in city owned garages

The Public Building Authority installed sensors last August from Parking Logix on the city's four public parking garages downtown: Locust Street, Market Square, State Street, and Main Avenue. Data is aggregated hourly as a measure of vehicles: ingress, egress, occupancy, and vacancy. The data provided has been scraped from their internal system and is provided as a flat file with ISO correct timestamps. Potential use cases for this data is to highlight times where vacancy is negative (drivers enter but don't find a spot). Garages show "0 spaces remaining" with 50 spaces remaining. For large events, spaces fill up quickly, messages could be delivered to drivers (whether they have the Parkopedia app or not) to bypass garages expected to fill up first.


Parking data has been collapsed into a single flat csv file. Data collection began the first week of August 2018, the data is hourly.


Codestock Speaker Feedback Form

Develop a technology solution to collect and send feedback to speakers and draw a prize winner from those who gave feedback.


User I want... Priority
Technical Develop a web-based solution for flexibility in access points and integration Essential
Speaker to receive feedback on my CodeStock session(s) so I can improve my content and presentation skills. - This info is collected: - 1-5 rating (required) --- meaning of scale is clear to (e.g. 5 being best) - comments (optional) - name (optional) - contact (optional)- attendee gets feedback on submission- attendee can only give feedback once per session Essential
Attendee an easy way to give feedback on the CodeStock sessions I attend to improve conference content and be entered for prize drawings- Info presented on form where user is going to give feedback (API available from Sessionize to get this information) - session name - speaker name Essential
Organizer an easy way to send collected feedback to a speaker- feedback can be sent via e-mail Essential
Organizer ability to filter out feedback that is not productive (e.g. comments on appearance) Essential
Organizer to draw a name for each prize I want to give away Want
Organizer to re-draw a name quickly and from a mobile phone for each prize I want to give away Want
Speaker to receive participant information if they choose to give it to me- Attendee can choose to send the information to the speaker (default is off) Want
You Other features to deliver a better experience to speakers and attendees Want
Speaker ability to store image(s) for a session so I can receive those images along with the feedback for the session Want
Organizer an easy way to send feedback to many speakers Want
Organizer to see analytics so I better understand the feedback being given about the content of the conference overall and by track (e.g. average star rating) If you can
Organizer to see analytics to about attendee engagement in responding (e.g. # responses, # unique respondents) If you can
Organizer to designate time frame parameters to inform the list of names pulled for the prize drawing If you can

Other Datasets

Local Datasets

Knoxville Open Data Portal

Open Data Portal for the ongoing collection and release of data from the City of Knoxville as well as some of the City's partner agencies.

Open Data from Knoxville-Knox County Planning

  • Greenways and Trails in Knox County
  • Parks in Knox County

Knoxville TPO supported Bike Racks

Broadband Subscriptions in Tennessee

Dataset put together by the Tennessee State Data Center at the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research

  • Tennessee household broadband subscription rate 2013 to 2017

    • Webmap
    • Service URLs (Hit the Service URL on this page to access the endpoint, or Export to create downloads in a variety of formats):
  • Tennessee household predominant Internet access type 2013 to 2017

Tennessee STS GIS Data

Traffic Counts in Knoxville Region

Strava Developer Portal

Strava has an open API (registration required) that can give insights of daily patterns and usage (that may correlate well with the above trails + greenways layers).

Beyond Knoxville

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