small JSON serializer for android
Latest commit 57dbc9d Sep 3, 2011 Konstantin Pribluda raise version to 0.7


JSON Serializer is small and lightweight library to marshall
POJOs to JSON strings intended to use in android applications.

Core features:
  - small and lightweight
  - minimal external dependencies ( only GSON pull parser )
  - no metadata (use reflection)
  - simple to use

Current state:
  - marshalls complete POJO trees
  - understands arrays og POJO and primitives (even multidimensional)
  - unmarshalls POJO trees,  with arrays of POJOS or primitives 
  - no collection support yet due to lack of idea  how to determine 
    object type from  JSON
  - snapshots are deployed to sonatype OSS repository ( )
  - releases are pushed to maven central

  - Konstantin Pribluda (project founder)