An intro to koa via a set of self-guided workshops
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An intro to koa via a set of self-guided workshops.



npm install -g kick-off-koa

Getting Started

After npm install -g kick-off-koa, Run kick-off-koa command.

To use kick-off-koa, you must be running node 0.11.13 or higher for generator and promise support. You can check nvm or n to install node 0.11.13+.

If you want to play offline, install all these dependencies first:

npm install koa koa-session co-body co-views ejs

Note that the exercises of kick-off are only verified under koa 1, but NOT koa 2. Meanwhile we are migrating to koa 2 and you can also take part in it.

Learn More

  • workshop - A workshop to learn the basics of koa, Express' spiritual successor.