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Steroids is a set of tools to help python developers to build cool stuff reducing efforts and time.

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##Quick install If you are using Unix-like OS, to install Steroids use this command, right from your terminal:

curl -s | sudo sh 

This script will install everything you do it for you. It works on Debian-derived, Arch Linux, MacOS or every operative sistem with easy_install.

Alternatively You can also install Steroids via python pip command:

sudo pip install Steroids

##Quick Use To generate a new project with examples use this command:

steroids init ProjectName --examples=True

If you need help you can use:

steroids --help


The structure of a Project built on Steroids is derived from Flask one. It provides Objects, Statics file, Views, Templates, Custom Decorators and others.

The following structure is based on the default modules used: Flask, MongoDB and Honcho.

./           # Configuration File
./             # script to start Server
./Procfile              # Foreman/Honcho file
./requirements.txt      # Everything you need goes here
./project/              # Where the magic happens
         /   # Package declarations 
         /views/        # Directory of Views
         /templates/    # Directory of Templates
         /static/       # Directory of static files
         /objects/      # Directory of Objects

If you use different modules, Steroids will generate a different structure of files and directories.

This structure give a lot of freedom to developers: they can modify it without problems adapting the structure in base of what they do. Steroids structure is just an ordered way to create web services in python.

To understand the structure is suggested to enable the examples when initializing a project.


Steroids is built around the concept of modules: the structure is defined but the content inside is modified by the modules. Each modules provide different functionality to the project.

By defaults Steroids uses Flask, Tornado, MongoDB and Honcho to provide a basic structure for a complete non-blocking web server. The project generated is ready to be uploaded on Heroku or similar services.

You can use a small specific group of modules in base of your needs. For example to initialize a project using only Flask and MongoDB, run this command:

steroids init ProjectName --modules flask mongodb --examples=True

A list of modules is available running this command:

steroids modules list

To get help and read more about a module you can use this command:

steroids modules MODULE

where MODULE is the name of the module get in the list ( ex: flask ).

Modules Available


Steroids is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit


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Steroids is a set of tools to help python developers to build real-time ready, non-blocking, web application reducing efforts and time.




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