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Tips depend on target shell and yours is unknown. Add a shebang.

Problematic code:

echo "$RANDOM"   # Does this work?

Correct code:

echo "$RANDOM"  # Unsupported in sh. Produces warning.


echo "$RANDOM"  # Supported in bash. No warnings.


Different shells support different features. To give effective advice, ShellCheck needs to know which shell your script is going to run on. You will get a different numbers of warnings about different things depending on your target shell.

ShellCheck normally determines your target shell from the shebang (having e.g. #!/bin/sh as the first line). The shell can also be specified from the CLI with -s, e.g. shellcheck -s sh file.

If you don't specify shebang nor -s, ShellCheck gives this message and proceeds with some default (bash).

Note that this error can not be ignored with a directive. It is not a suggestion to improve your script, but a warning that ShellCheck lacks information it needs to be helpful.


None. Please either add a shebang or use -s.


Each individual ShellCheck warning has its own wiki page like SC1000. Use GitHub Wiki's "Pages" feature above to find a specific one, or see Checks.

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