Docker image for building Haskell for Windows targets on Linux hosts
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winghc -- Docker image with Wine + Windows Haskell Platform

This docker image aims to be a convenient way of compiling Haskell for Windows, while still running Linux.

To run:

docker pull koalaman/winghc
docker run -v "$PWD:/appdata" koalaman/winghc cabal yourcommand

All of cabal and ghc's temp files will be stored in /appdata, which is here mounted as the current directory. This is also the working directory in the container.

For the case of running cabal update, install --dependencies-only and build, there's a convenience script cuib. Here's an example of building a shellcheck.exe:

git clone
docker pull koalaman/winghc
cd shellcheck && docker run -v "$PWD:/appdata" koalaman/winghc cuib

This should result in a shellcheck.exe somewhere in dist/.