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Hi there,

I've been looking around the wiki and the issues but I can't find any mention of sorting by a secondary column.

What I mean is to define at least one other column to sort the data against if there are many rows with the same value in the sorted column. Why not a third, a fourth, etc.
My use case is sorting on a boolean column (I use "number" on a tf-sortKey set to 1 or 0). I would like to sort the rows by name in both groups.

Is that currently possible ? If not do you think it would be a good idea ?

Cheers, thanks for everything done so far ;)

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Hi @jerefrer,
I confirm it is not possible with current sorting library. I consider it a nice to have but not a priority for the moment. I will check how easy it is to add a demo showing how to integrate with other sorting libraries with current hooks. If it is doable then you could use a sorting library with that capability.

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