KLone on FreeBSD 6.2

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Bootstrap KLone 2.x/3.x on FreeBSD 6.2

First install GNU make and wget if not already installed (must be root):

# pkg_add -r gmake
# pkg_add -r wget

Create the top-level Makefile in an empty directory:

$ mkdir klone2
$ cd klone2
$ vi Makefile
... (Makefile follows) ...
WEBAPP_DIR = $(CURDIR)/webapp 
include klapp.mk
klapp.mk: ; wget -O $@ -c http://koanlogic.com/klone/klapp-2.0.0.mk

Then set the MAKE to the path of the just installed GNU make binary and run it:

$ setenv MAKE /usr/local/bin/gmake
$ /usr/local/bin/gmake

Run Klone and fetch the index page:

$ ./kloned
$ wget http://localhost:8080/