KLone on QNX (Linux host)

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This procedure has been tested with the QNX 6.3 SDK installed on Linux. The following assumes that Momentics has been installed in the default location /opt/qnx630; if this is not your case, please change the given paths accordingly.

Setup the environment

Use the qconfig helper application to setup the environment:

$ /opt/qnx630/host/linux/x86/usr/bin/qconfig -e > qnx.env
$ . qnx.env

Be sure that the SDK is configured to use gcc 3.3.1 (by default gcc 2.95.3 is used):

$ cat /opt/qnx630/host/linux/x86/etc/qcc/gcc/default
$ echo DIR=3.3.1 > /opt/qnx630/host/linux/x86/etc/qcc/gcc/default

NOTE: on Momentics 6.3.2, gcc version is 3.3.5.

Bootstrap KLone

Create the top-level Makefile in an empty directory:

$ mkdir klone2
$ cd klone2
$ vi Makefile
... (Makefile follows) ...
KLONE_VERSION = 2.0.1pre3
MAKL_PLATFORM = qnx-armbe
WEBAPP_DIR = $(CURDIR)/webapp 
include klapp.mk
klapp.mk: ; wget -O $@ -c http://koanlogic.com/klone/klapp-2.0.0.mk

Change the MAKL_PLATFORM variable to match your target architecture. The current KLone release (2.0.1pre3) ships with the following QNX toolchains bundled:

  • qnx-armbe
  • qnx-armle
  • qnx-mipsbe
  • qnx-mipsle
  • qnx-ppcbe
  • qnx-shle
  • qnx-x86



and install the compiled/linked binary on your target platform.

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