KLone on QNX (Windows host)

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Build KLone for QNX (any cpu) on Windows

Install MinGW, MSYS and wget

Install the MinGW tools that provide a unix-like environment on Windows.

You need to install MinGW, MSYS and wget.

For that, you can follow the instruction at Klone on MinGW.

Setup te QNX SDK to use gcc 3.x

Be sure that the SDK is configured to use gcc 3.3.5 (by default gcc 2.95.3 is used). The version used is stored in the “default” file in:


It must look like this:


Build KLone

Open a MSYS shell and create the top-level Makefile in an empty directory:

$ mkdir klone2
$ cd klone2
$ vi Makefile
... (Makefile follows) ...
KLONE_VERSION = 2.0.1pre4
MAKL_PLATFORM = qnx-mipsle
WEBAPP_DIR = $(CURDIR)/webapp 
include klapp.mk
klapp.mk: ; wget -O $@ -c http://koanlogic.com/klone/klapp-2.0.0.mk

Change the MAKL_PLATFORM variable to match your target architecture. The current KLone release (2.0.1pre4) ships with the following QNX toolchains bundled:

  • qnx-armbe
  • qnx-armle
  • qnx-mipsbe
  • qnx-mipsle
  • qnx-ppcbe
  • qnx-shle
  • qnx-x86

Build all (this will download and compile KLone):

$ make

For more help post your questions to the mailing list: klone-users@lists.sourceforge.net

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