Klone IRL

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Some Examples of Real Life Usage of KLone

KLone + Gmaps

  • Use KLone to create custom maps based on geo data (various formats) stored in a PostgreSQL DB

KLone + Flash

  • Serve real-time audio/video content via HTTP, through a custom FLASH player

KLone as the Controller side of MVC applications

  • Verification of signed assertions (e.g. CMS, S/MIME blobs) in bridge-CA environment
  • Create long-term archival tokens in PKIX environment
  • Mix KLone and SANE to build a web based Registration Authority

KLone + NoCAT

  • Use KLone to hook special authentication methods (i.e. pre-paid cards) into 802.11b captive portal

KLone + FOX-Axis + I2C

  • Monitoring and testing of assembly lines components via web interface

KLone as a generic RPC over HTTP broker

  • Bridge to RFC3161 TimeStamping Authorities
  • Bridge to an LDAP backed users’ quota manager

KLone + YUI

  • Building a remote system monitor using Yahoo UI components and standard UNIX commands

KLone + Fox-Axis

  • Using ioctl‘s on GPIO devices ... actually laying down javascript over the silicon :)

KLone + Gumstix

  • Using KLone to read/set PXA registers, another example of an JS over silicon protocol

KLone as an upload server

  • Upload content via HTTP POST to some special-purpose repository
  • Upload and flash an FPGA on FoxVHDL

KLone as an application interface

  • Manage application via WEB