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TCLSH = /usr/bin/tclsh
XML2RFC = xml2rfc.tcl
XSLTPROC = /usr/bin/xsltproc
XSLT = rfc2629.xslt
XML = draft-scs.xml
TXT = $(XML:.xml=.txt)
HTML = $(XML:.xml=.html)
all: $(TXT) $(HTML)
%.txt: %.xml $(XML2RFC) ; $(TCLSH) $(XML2RFC) xml2rfc $< $@
%.html: %.xml
$(XSLTPROC) --param xml2rfc-toc '"yes"' \
--param xml2rfc-ext-support-rfc2731 '"no"' \
$(XSLT) $< > $@
sync: all; scp $(TXT) $(HTML)
clean: ; $(RM) $(TXT) $(HTML)
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