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Each MaKL public macro has a 'makl_' prefix and reside on a separate file 
named as the macro name.  Macros with common functionalities can be grouped
in a single file.  The 'makl.init' script sources all the makl_* files in 
the makl/cf directory.

Bootstrapping MaKL

In order to bootstrap MaKL operations (i.e. to be able to use MaKL macros)
you have to set the 'MAKL_DIR' environment variable to point to the MaKL 
installation directory.  This is the only value really *required*: other 
global variables will be set to sensible defaults by the 'makl.init' script 
(see the Global variables paragraph).

A typical 'configure' script looks like this:


# initialise MaKL
. ${MAKL_DIR}/cf/makl.init

# in between makl.init and makl.term makl_ macros can be recalled consistently

# politely quit configure operations
. ${MAKL_DIR}/cf/makl.term
Global variables

# Must be necessarely set in the environment.
- MAKL_DIR              -> makl installation top level directory.

# Have default values that can be override in the shell environment
# These have an "application scope", i.e. are values whose meaning is tied
# to the development of a single application.
- makl_debug            -> 'true|on|yes|1' (case insensitive) enables debug
- makl_makefile_conf    -> application top level GNU make settings
- makl_conf_h           -> application #defines
- makl_run_dir          -> where MaKL does all the dirty things

TODO -> define default values for globals.
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